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Key features now include

  • "Next Sunday’ look up to find Bible readings, sentence and collect for normal Sundays.
  • ‘Services’ look up to find readings, collect, sentences and seasonal variations for every day of the year.
  • ‘Service creator’ which allows users to customize their services using options from A Prayer Book for Australia.
  • Ability to save all of your service outlines for future use.
  • "Pastoral services’ allows for the service candidate’s name and gender to be automatically generated in a customized text.
  • The "Quick Find’ Lectionary feature identifies the reading references and bible text relevant to the date of selection.
  • Easy to use text and service ‘export’ feature.
  • Each subscription allows for up to three users.
  • Ability to choose between the NIV or NRSV to use your preferred Bible references
  • Ability to view and copy A Prayer Book for Australia as a separate electronic resource.
  • Bible texts include the ability to display with or without verse numbers.


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